CAFE embraces and exemplifies the following core operating values in its mission, culture and operations:

  • Inclusiveness and diversity: CAFE respects and seeks to understand, appreciate and engage people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages. CAFE promotes intergenerational synergies and efforts to recognize and involve the talents and contributions of older adults in our diverse, multigenerational communities.
  • Quality of life: CAFE honors the human right to pursue quality of life and happiness, and promotes social justice and the financial, mental and physical well-being of older adults and their families.
  • Individualized support: CAFE is committed to treating people as individuals first. CAFE is responsive and recognizes that individuals’ needs vary significantly and can change over time.
  • Sustainability: CAFE is committed to identifying and supporting implementation of impacting, quality, and pragmatic approaches that can be scaled, taught, shared and customized to achieve success and sustainability.
  • Partnerships: CAFE reaches out to and collaborates with a broad spectrum of partners, including individuals, the public sector, private industry, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and foundations.
  • Advocacy: CAFE strives to educate organizations and people from all walks of life to promote the understanding of challenges an aging population faces. CAFE serves as a committed advocate for the interests of older adults and their families.