Dementia Friends Educate Communities One ‘Friend’ at a Time

by Meg LaPorte, ChangingAging Contributor
What’s a great way to educate the public about dementia and its impact on communities? An online series of brief videos that highlight how people can help individuals with dementia and their care partners navigate their environments is one place to start. An initiative known as Dementia Friends USA is doing just that as part of their mission to create more dementia-friendly communities.

Age-Friendly Cities are Leading the Way

Growing Multi-Generational Communities

From Pass It On Network
 In a major new series on Health and Aging, published in “The Lancet,” the authors emphasize that the responsibility for improving quality of life for the world’s older people goes far beyond the health sector. 
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Age-Friendly Status could mean Big Bucks

An article on age-friendly cities:
Los Altos resident Anabel Pelham, a member of the Los Altos/Los Altos Hills Senior Commission, called the designation “huge.” ...

Dementia Friendly America

The Dementia Friendly America tools and resources help communities work toward dementia friendliness.
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CAFE Collaborates with Los Altos, LA Rotary, & LA Boy Scouts

CAFE has been collaborating with The Town of Los Altos Hills, The Los Altos Rotary and the Boy Scouts to offer free emergency preparedness USB’s to seniors. Boy Scouts enter emergency contact information for seniors and then present them with the USB drive. This intergenearational project is sponsored by the Los Altos Rotary.

CAFE Director Talks About “Age-Friendly” Designation

Los Altos and Los Altos Hills are the first and only World Health Organization (WHO) Age-Friendly Cities in California. In addition to being a title to boast about, the “age-friendly” designation indicates unique characteristics that make the communities special places to live.

CAFE Partners with El Camino Hospital

In September, Los Altos Community Foundation and The Center for Age-Friendly Excellence, CAFE, in partnership with El Camino Hospital hosted the first Leadership in Aging Summit. Eighty-four participants joined together to identify best local practices and unmet needs of seniors within the WHO’s eight domains for Age-Friendly Cities.
This “focus-group” approach has presented CAFE with a collection of informed ideas for projects as we look to the future of serving as a lead organization to promote Age-Friendly Cities.

Dementia Friendly America Initiative (DFA)

Center for Age Friendly Excellence (CAFE) has been asked by Santa Clara County to assess all cities in Santa Clara County for dementia friendliness.  CAFE’s qualitative analysis will be a resource for the County in its program as a pilot community for Dementia Friendly America

“Because of our robust and diverse community conversation, Santa Clara County was selected to be a pilot community for Dementia Friendly America.  This new initiative was announced in July at the White House Conference on Aging. A dementia friendly community is defined as one that is informed, safe and respectful of individuals with dementia and their families, provides supportive options and fosters quality of life.”

~ Seniors' Agenda 2015 Annual Report

Diana Miller and James Ramoni: Santa Clara County needs to be 'age friendly'

By Diana Miller and James Ramoni
Special to San Jose Mercury News
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